Chacarera Variations and Zamba! Argentinian Folkloric Dance

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Guided by Nick Wallach, back in town for the weekend, in coordination with the Queer Tango Collective.

Each meeting includes guided exploration of these dances and Sunday's class will include a brief practica of chacarera and zamba (4-5pm). Both parts free of charge to make these dances accessible to all, though a voluntary contribution from those able will be accepted and appreciated (recommended $40).

Open-role and open to all! No experience or partner necessary. If possible please bring a light square handkerchief or scarf, roughly 20 x 20 inches ideally (Many extras available to borrow).


  1. Zamba!

    Feb 16, 2019, 5 PM - 8 PM
    Arts On Site 4F

    Romantic, elegant, liberating: the Zamba (not to be confused with Brazilian Samba) holds an undeniably unique place among dance in Argentina and among dance globally. It's a world of its own and a world well worth entering. While many classes may teach a static choreography, this workshop will emphasize the relationships between the structures of the music and of the dance, always rooting ourselves in these connections and in those with our dance partner. Rather than "learn" the dance, we'll hear, feel, and explore it--and never find ourselves lost in a choreography again.

  2. Chacarera and Variations

    Feb 17, 2019, 2 PM - 5 PM
    Arts On Site 4F

    The basics and beyond! Looking at the country's most well-known folkloric dance, the Chacarera, we'll explore folklore's basic forms, figures, and elements, including basic zarandeos (skirt movement) and zapateos (rhythmic tapping). This workshop will begin with a review of the dance's forms and then explore ways to make them our own--start with some real zapateos, break out of the same old zarandeo, and see the world of possibilities the dance holds.

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